faqWe have provided answers to some of our most common customer questions below. That said, we understand that every job is unique, and for the best possible answer to your specific question, we encourage you to contact us.

Q: Are you approved by my company?

A: To find out if we’re an approved contractor for your company, please visit our approvals page.

Q: What kinds of finishing work do you perform?

A: We perform a wide variety of finishing processes. Visit our processes page to learn more.

Q: What’s your standard lead time?

A: Every project is different, but we pride ourselves on providing quality finishes on time, at lower costs, with shorter lead times than our competition. Learn more here or contact us for a quote.

Q: When will my project be ready?

A: We make it easy for customers to check on the status of their projects – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – via our Online Customer Portal.

Q: What is your lot minimum?

A: Click here to learn about our lot minimum policy.

Q: How much would it cost to complete my project?

A: Please contact us for a quote.