Lockheed Martin

Hi-Tech Metal Finishing offers the following approved processes for Lockheed Martin.

Code Process
5PTPCG06 Penetrant Inspection (Critical approved, exclude fracture critical)
5PTPGG01 Pre-Penetrant Etch (Aluminum & Titanium)
AMS-C-27725 Fuel Tank Coatings
AMS-QQ-P-416 Cadmium Plate
ASTM E 1417 Penetrant Inspection
ASTM E 1444 Magnetic Particle Inspection
C-0170 Cleaning of Parts & Materials
C-0491 Cadmium Plate (P3)
C-0498 Chemical Conversion Coat
C-0567 Penetrant Inspection
C-378-M Prime and Paint
C-395-M Prime and Paint
FPS-0116 Magnetic Particle Inspection
FPS-1004 Fuel Tank Coatings
FPS-3020 Cleaning, Descaling for CRES
G604 Prime and Paint
G639 Fuel Tank Coating
G700 Prime and Paint
LCP72-1068 Penetrant Inspection
LMA- PC009 Hardness & Conductivity Testing
MIL-A-8625 Chromic & Sulfuric Anodize
MIL-DTL-5541 Chemical Conversion Coat
MIL-F-18264 Prime and Paint
MIL-STD-1949 Magnetic Particle Inspection
MIL-STD-6866 Penetrant Inspection
NDTS-1101 Pre-Penetrant Etch (Aluminum Only)
NDTS-1101 Penetrant Inspection (No Zones 1A, 1B or 1C)
NDTS-1500/1501 Hardness Testing
NDTS-1500/1502 Conductivity Testing
NDTS-2101 Magnetic Particle Inspection
PS 0491 Cadmium Plate (C-130)
STP53-001 Magnetic Particle Inspection
STP53-201 Penetrant Inspection
STP54-008 Stress Relieving & Baking of Steel
STP57-101 Cleaning of Corrosion and Heat Resistant Alloys
STP57-301 Cleaning of Aluminum Alloys
STP58-001 Cadmium Plate
STP58-208 Sulfuric Anodize
STP58-209 Chromic Anodize
STP58-405 Chemical Conversion Coat