Northrop Grumman

Hi-Tech Metal Finishing offers the following approved processes for Northrop Grumman.

Code Process
ACS-PRS-7005 Penetrant Inspection
AMS 2700 Passivation
AMS-QQ-P-35 Passivation
AMS-QQ-P-416 Cadmium Plate
ASTM A 967 Passivation
ASTM E 1417 Penetrant Inspection
ASTM E 1444 Magnetic Particle Inspection
C-32 Cleaning Prior to Heat Treatment CRES Alloys
GP 17G Etching Prior to Penetrant Inspection
GSS 4310 Prime
GSS 4407 Paint
GSS 4510 Paint
GT23A Penetrant Inspection
MIL-A-8625 Chromic & Sulfuric Anodize
MIL-DTL-5541 Chemical Conversion Coat
MIL-F-18264 Prime & Paint
NGT23K Magnetic Particle Inspection