Cleaning is the process of removing undesirable materials that gather on product surfaces, and is a vital step to assuring that all future processes are successful. A clean surface meets all the quality and specifications to accept the next process, free of contaminates, that may affect later processes.

Hi-Tech Metal Finishing offers these approved cleaning processes for these original equipment manufacturers.

Code Prime
208-9-100 Vought Aircraft
BPS 4138 Bell Helicopter
C-0170 Lockheed Martin
C-32 Northrop Grumman
CSFS035 Cessna
CSFS044 Cessna
CSFS045 Cessna
CSFS047 Cessna
FPS-3020 Lockheed Martin
HPS-206 Heroux-Devtek
P-103-14 Parker Hannifin
PCS 2610 Messier-Dowty
SS8423 Sikorsky
STP57-101 Lockheed Martin
STP57-301 Lockheed Martin