Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic particle inspection is a nondestructive testing method used for defect detection. It uses magnetic fields and small magnetic particles to detect flaws in components, and is one of the most widely utilized nondestructive testing methods available today.

Hi-Tech Metal Finishing offers the following approved processes for magnetic particle inspection for these original equipment manufacturers.


Code Prime
208-14-15 Vought Aircraft
ASTM E 1444 Boeing, GE Aviation Yakima, Goodrich Aerostructures, Goodrich LGD, Gulfstream Aerospace, Heroux-Devtek, Lockheed Martin, Messier-Dowty, Northrop Grumman, Parker Hannifin, Vought Aircraft
BAC 5424 Boeing
BPS 4075 Bell Helicopter
BSS 7040 Boeing
CPC 9108 Goodrich LGD
CSTI001 Cessna
DPS 4.704 Boeing
FPS-0116 Lockheed Martin
HPS-117 Heroux-Devtek
MDP4-5 MD Helicopters
MIL-STD-1949 Lockheed Martin, Vought Aircraft
MM 5537 Goodrich LGD
MP7503 MHI Ltd. Aerospace
NDTS-2101 Lockheed Martin
NGT23K Northrop Grumman
PCS 3100 Messier-Dowty
PS 21201 Boeing
QVA-Z10-49-00 Vought Aircraft
RPS 18.08 Goodrich Aerostructures
SS8805 Sikorsky
STP 53-001 Lockheed Martin
VS 1-3-5-290 Eaton Jackson Fluid Power