Organic Coatings

Organic coatings are materials that are applied to protect or beautify a surface. Some coatings include paints, varnishes, stains, and industrial maintenance coatings. These coatings can be applied to stationary and/or mobile sources.

Hi-Tech Metal Finishing provides the following organic coating processing for these original equipment manufacturers.

Code Prime
A50TF9 Parker Hannifin
AMS-C-27725 Lockheed Martin
AS1701 Parker Hannifin
AS5272 Parker Hannifin
BAC 5793 Boeing
BPS 4310 Bell Helicopter
BPS 4451 Parker Hannifin
BPS 4465 Bell Helicopter
BR-167 Goodrich LGD
C-378-M Lockheed Martin
C-395-M Lockheed Martin
CSFS007 Cessna
CSFS070 Cessna
CSFS084 Cessna
DCMP-152 Messier-Dowty
DCMP-214 Messier-Dowty
DPS 4.50-127 Boeing
FPS-1004 Lockheed Martin
G604 Lockheed Martin
G639 Lockheed Martin
G700 Lockheed Martin
GSS 4310 Northrop Grumman
GSS 4407 Northrop Grumman
GSS 4510 Northrop Grumman
HPS-171 Heroux-Devtek
LGPS 1001 Goodrich LGD, Parker Hannifin
LMA-MR003 BAE Systems
MDP4-107 MD Helicopters
MIL-F-18264 BAE Systems, GE Aviation Yakima, Goodrich LGD, Heroux-Devtek, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman
MIL-L-23398 BAE Systems
MIL-L-46010 Parker Hannifin
MIL-PRF-23377 Heroux-Devtek, Piaggio Aero
MIL-PRF-46010 BAE Systems, GE Aviation Yakima, Goodrich LGD, Heroux-Devtek
MIL-PRF-85285 BAE Systems
MM 1920 Goodrich LGD
MM 5748 Goodrich LGD
P-103-101 Parker Hannifin
PCS 2500 Messier-Dowty
PCS 2530 Messier-Dowty
PS 13630 Messier-Dowty
PS 18021 Boeing
SS8555 Sikorsky
SS8557 Sikorsky
SS8603 Sikorsky
SS8866 Sikorsky
SS9214 Sikorsky
TT-P-1757 Sikorsky