We understand that our customers often require even greater lead time reduction for rush projects. We encourage you to speak to us about priority projects which require shorter lead times. Often, we can reduce lead times by as much as 1/3 for expedited projects.


Standard Lead Time Expedited Lead Time
3 days 2 days
4 days 3 days
5 days 3 days
6 days 4 days
7 days 4 days
8 days 5 days
9 days 6 days
10 days 7 days
11 days 8 days
12 days 8 days
13 days 9 days
14 days 10 days
15 days 10 days
16 days 11 days
17 days 11 days
18 days 12 days
19 days 13 days
20 days 14 days


Terms and Conditions

Expedite lead times will reduce the standard lead time by approximately 1/3 (See Schedule).

Expedite charges will be assessed at a rate of 50% of the standard processing costs (round up to the nearest whole dollar), with a minimum charge and a maximum charge.

Jobs will not be expedited if it is not clearly stated in writing on the PO or via email.

Expedited lead times are based on normal work days (Mon-Fri).  If weekend work is required/requested, an open shop fee of $1000 per day for both Saturday and Sunday will be assessed in lieu of any expedite fee.

Job orders requiring shorter lead times than the expedited lead time outlined in the schedule may be requested and will be evaluated on a case by case scenario.  For these occasions, we will put forth every effort to meet this due date.  If achieved, an additional fee of $125 for each additional reduced day of requested and achieved lead time will apply.  If this requested date is not met, all applicable expedite fees for normal expedited lead times will still be assessed.

Multiple parts grouped (“batched”) together on a single PO with identical processing/specifications will be charged one expedite fee per PO.  Expedite fee will be applied to the first invoice.  Parts must be received at the same time to apply.

Variations to expedited lead times and pricing can be developed and implemented through use of an LTA.

**HTMF maximum liability for any cause is limited to two (2) times HTMF processing charges**

If you have any questions regarding our expedite policy, please contact your Account Manager.

We thank you for your business.

Please contact us for a quote.