Lead Times

Hi-Tech-Metal-Finishing-On-Time-DeliveryAt Hi-Tech Metal Finishing, we take great pride in delivering quality finishes on time, with shorter lead times, and at lower costs than anyone else – all while providing exceptional customer service.

Terms and Conditions

  • Lead time is the amount of time estimated to process parts through the shop.  Lead time starts when the job is received and stops when the job is certed and ready  for pick up or shipment.  It does not include transit time.
  • Lead Time on orders received will start on the following day unless order is expedited for same day turn.  For example, all orders received on Monday, with a 3 day turn, will be due on Thursday.  Job must be certed no later than Thursday to be considered on time.
  • Lead times are based on work days (Mon-Fri), not including weekends or holidays.
  • Lead times will be extended based on current capacity, quantity of parts, or complexity of processing.
  • Lead time (and subsequent due dates) may be delayed due to lack of information provided to Hi-Tech with the Purchase Order.  Hi-Tech will adjust the lead time and due date accordingly.  Lead time starts when HTMF has received all appropriate information required for planning and processing of order.
  • The cumulative lead time for multiple process jobs is reduced by 1 work day for each process, starting with the 6th process.

**HTMF maximum liability for any cause is limited to two (2) times HTMF processing charges**

If you have any questions regarding this policy or the current lead times, please contact your Account Manager.

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