Lot Minimum Policy

Hi-Tech-Metal-Finishing-Lot-MinimumTo serve our customers more cost-efficiently, we’ve established a lot minimum for processing smaller orders. We recognize the impact of lot minimums on multi-process jobs. That’s why we’ve implemented a policy where we waive the lot minimums associated with each job following the top three lot minimums.

2014 Minimum Charges

Alodine (Chem Film) $50
Type IC, Boric Sulfuric Anodize $70
Type I & IB, Chromic Anodize $70
Type II & IIB, Sulfuric Anodize   $70
Type II & IIB, Sulfuric Anodize w/ Dye   $70
Cadmium Type I & Type II   $95
Brush Cadmium   $145
Barrel Cadmium Plating $95
Zinc Nickel Plating $125
Heat Treat
Heat Treat $150
Abrasive Blast (Glass Bead, Alum Oxide) $40
Alkaline Clean $40
Masking (all types)   $20
Passivate $50
Titanium Etch Clean $70
Part Marking   $25
Painting and Powder Coating
Cetyl Alcohol Overcoat $40
Prime or Top Coat $110
Prime & Top Coat $130
Solid Film Lube (Dri Lube) $110
Fuel Tank Coating $130
Powder Coat $100
Lot Charges*
Stress Relief < 400 deg $30
Stress Relief > 400 deg   $45
Embrittlement Relief 4 hour min $30
Embrittlement Relief 8 hour min $40
Embrittlement Relief 12 hour min $50
Embrittlement Relief 23 hour min   $60
FAI Source Inspection   $75
Government Source Inspection $50

Terms and Conditions

Multiple processes will be charged up to the highest 3 lot minimums. All subsequent lot minimum charges will be waived.

Multiple parts grouped (“batched”) together on a single PO with identical processing/specifications will be charged 1 lot minimum per process, if applicable, plus a $10 fee for each additional part number/line item. Due to processing requirements, Cadmium Plating (rack, brush, and barrel), Part Marking, Zinc Nickel Plating, and Magnetic Particle are not subject to this exemption. Parts must be received at the same time to apply.

*Lot charges will be charged at full cost regardless of lot size. They are not subject to the multiple process waivers. There will be no unit costs for these processes.

Stripping charges will be the same as the lot minimum for the processes being stripped.

Lot minimums and/or lot charges may not include the cost of non-stock/specialty paints, salt spray testing, tensile strength testing, shot peen, and any additional operations not listed.

If you have any questions regarding our expedite policy, please contact your Account Manager.

**HTMF maximum liability for any cause is limited to two (2) times HTMF processing charges**

We thank you for your business.

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